Nordic M&A’s healthcare unit is led by Fie Astrup, Dr. With, MBA. She is supported by senior advisor Jan Leschly and our scientific board, which consists of internationally leading experts within five major medical areas.

The combination of our medical background and our M&A skills means that we quickly understand the value and business models behind healthcare/life science companies. This gives us unique and rare skills in working with investors and partners in a transaction process.

Our dedicated focus is reputable and we have solved large and complex M&A processes within many medical areas:



Head of Healthcare, Fie Astrup

Dr. Med, MBA
Fie is a trained doctor and has a doctorate in medicine based on clinical research within diabetes and cardiovascular complications. She has worked as a vascular surgeon at Rigshospitalet and has an MBA from Copenhagen Business School.

Jan Leschly

Jan Leschly

Senior Advisor Jan Leschly is a well-known figure in the pharmaceutical industry. Jan was Chief Executive of SmithKline Beecham PLC (SB) from 1994 to 2000. Prior to joining SB, Jan was President and COO of Squibb Corporation and before that he was President of Novo Nordisk’s pharmaceutical unit. In 2000, Jan founded Care Capital and has been managing partner there ever since. Jan has a seat on the board of APM Holding. In his youth, Jan was a professional tennis player and in 1967 he was the tenth-best player on the world tennis circuit.