You create value by paying the right price and implementing the purchase efficiently

Preparing to acquire a business

  • We help you develop and organise your acquisition strategy. We develop scenarios for the expected outcomes of the acquisition process and analyse alternatives and risks
  • We help you to develop target profiles
  • We advise on project and governance structures
  • We build a comprehensive financial model to analyse alternatives, including synergies and expected risks

Execution of the acquisition process

  • We contact targets and apply our extensive international network to connect with the right decision-makers
  • We analyse targets and develop offer letters and indicative bids
  • We assess the right bidding strategy. We assess the strength of alternative buyers and tactics to best position you in the bidding process
  • We coordinate the due diligence process and evaluate the results and consequences of the due diligence investigations – including potential deal breakers
  • We advise on alternative sources to finance the acquisition, including preparing materials for banks and other funding sources
  • We work closely with your legal advisors to ensure that the commercial aspects of the transaction are reflected in the legal transaction documents

KEY ISSUES TO CONSIDER WHEN acquiring a business:

  • What is your acquisition strategy and which results do you expect to achieve?
  • What is the profile (size, geography, business area, ownership, etc.) of the targets you wish to acquire?
  • How do you identify targets?
  • How do you contact targets?
  • How can synergies be reliably quantified?
  • What price should you offer target owners?
  • How should your offer be structured (cash, earn-out, milestone-based, stock swap, etc.)?
  • Does your company have sufficient value to allow you to pay all or some of the acquisition sum in shares?
  • What due diligence is required and which team do you wish to use?
  • How will you manage communication in-house and externally?
  • What is the best project governance? Who is to be involved and how will you ensure best possible communication along the way?