Thorough preparation is the key to success

initial considerations

  • We prepare an initial analysis of your business, its value and the expected interest from potential buyers
  • We give you an list of scenarios for the future development of your organisation and the expected outcome of each scenario
  • We advise on the right timing and actions you need to take to get the best price and terms for the sale

Sales preparation

  • We develop an X-ray image of your business that lays bare the true value of your organisation. We conduct a thorough analysis of your company’s financial performance and create a financial model. We identify actions that need to be taken before you can introduce the company to potential investors
  • We develop an attractive presentation of the company to show to potential investors and we condense our general X-ray picture into a comprehensive Informative Memorandum
  • We identify potential investors from our strong Danish and international network
  • We work closely with your legal advisors to prepare the transaction documents and data room
  • In collaboration with you, we prepare your team for the process and draw up in-house and external communication strategies

Execution of the divestment process

  • We organise and manage the entire divestment process in close cooperation with you and your team
  • We contact potential investors and, once non-disclosure agreements have been exchanged, we schedule management presentations
  • We plan the execution of due diligence and help your team to conduct Q&A processes
  • We obtain indicative offers, prepare impact analyses and comparisons between the offers received, and negotiate key terms and conditions
  • Working closely with your legal advisors, we advise on finalising the transaction documents. Our input ensures that the legal documents are an accurate reflection of the commercial terms agreed


  • Why do you wish to sell the business? What role do you wish to play in the sales process and what is the desired outcome?
  • Do you want to sell a minority or a majority share?
  • Who are the prospective buyers and why are they interested in acquiring your business?
  • How will you ensure that everyone involved in the sales process is incentivised to work together to achieve the best possible outcome?
  • How will your employees, clients/customers, suppliers and other co-owners react to a sale?
  • What price do you expect to command and how can you best prepare for the sale?
  • When is the time right for a company sale – in relation to company-specific circumstances and the M&A market in general?
  • How should the transaction be structured to optimise net proceeds and minimise risks for sellers?
  • What is the best story you can tell about the company and how can your narrative be delivered most credibly and powerfully to potential investors?